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Qualified Lawyers in Ontario to Help You With Your Legal Needs.

Kania Lawyers is one of the largest family law firms in Ontario, proudly serving clients throughout the Province.

All of our lawyers have expertise in family law and divorce, which allows us to represent our clients in a highly competent and professional manner. Read further to learn more about our partners who assist us in our legal endeavours:

Andrew Kania is the Senior Counsel of Kania Lawyers, who serve clients across the Province of Ontario.


Andrew has almost 30 years of experience in law, after first acquiring his Bachelor of Laws in Toronto and his Master of Laws in Leicester, England, with Distinction. He is also a former Member of Parliament during which time he served as the House of Commons Chair of Parliament’s Scrutiny of Regulations Committee, Associate Justice Critic and as a member of Canada’s Public Safety and National Security Committee.


Andrew formerly represented the over 17,000 lawyers of Ontario as the elected Secretary of the Ontario Bar Association. He is also a former Instructor of Law at the Law Society of Ontario, teaching both Family Law and Civil Litigation.

The firm's Senior Partner is Susan L. Kania, B.A. (Ottawa), LL.B. (Ottawa). Susan has focused exclusively on family law since her call to the Bar of Ontario in 1994. Susan is a recognized leader in the family law legal community.

The vast majority of the existing clients of Kania Lawyers are referrals from past clients of the firm – a testament to the quality of work and fair billing practices of Kania Lawyers. If you need a free consultation, get in touch with us today!

Integrity and Professionalism Are Our Hallmarks.

When you choose a lawyer who understands what is at stake for you and what you are aiming for in a case, things become easier. The lawyers at Kania Lawyers provide you with honest and comprehensive legal services that start with assessing your special circumstances or unique challenges. We speak with you about your issues thoroughly, so that we understand your goals in the case and then determine the most effective way to address your legal matters.  Our team works diligently to provide invaluable assistance and in-depth legal advice that benefits you and your family.


Have Any Questions?

Reach out to any of our lawyers and discuss your case in detail!

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