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Diverse Legal Services in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto.

Are you looking for a lawyer who can properly handle your Court work? Your search ends here!

Kania Lawyers, with multiple offices in Ontario, has assisted countless clients with strategic advice and strong representation throughout the courtrooms of Ontario. We do our best to save both your time and money by addressing your issues with the most recent law. Thanks to our countless years of experience we are skilled in dealing with family matters including the drafting of domestic contracts and all matters that require the assistance of the Court. As professionals, we are dedicated to making life a bit easier for our clients through competent, reliable and cost effective legal services.

Our Scope of Legal Services in Family Law Matters.

The practice of Family Law is a highly specialized field with its own jurisprudence and unique set of rules known as the Family Law Rules. As such, you need a highly experienced lawyer who focusses on this area of the law, such as Kania Lawyers. They have successfully assisted thousands of clients for over two decades. As such, if you need assistance in the area of family law and divorce then Kania Lawyers can help you. Their many practice areas include the following:

Separation Agreements
Child/Spousal Support
Property Division
Marriage Contracts
Cohabitation Agreements
Child Welfare
Paternity Tests
Domestic Abuse/Restraining Orders
Child Abductions
Suspension of Driver's Licenses
Common Law Relationships
Sale/Transfer of Matrimonial Home
Changes to Agreements/Court Orders
Court Proceedings, including Motions and Trials

Marriage Contracts

We can create a marriage contract that can make you and your partner happy.

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